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Top 5 Places to Run in New York...

Are you in NYC looking for a place to run? We have our "Top 5 Running Places in New York" to share with you!

Just like you, we are also athletes and crazy to complete this article as soon as possible and run into one of these 5 places, so let's keep it short.

We'll start by saying that if you're alone and willing to have some company to explore these fantastic Top 5 Places to Run in New York, connect to other runners in the area.

# 1 Top Running Places In New York:

Central Park ... we know, it seems cliché and all this, but this is where you will always see action, the land is mostly flat, there is enough space to accommodate all runners and other athletes, and always a good place to meet a racing partner. By the way, if you're meeting new people who do the same sport you do, check out our "Crown Sports" platform at the bottom of the page.

# 2 Top Running Places In New York:

Greenway of the Hudson River ... if you're getting ready to race and it's almost sunset, this is THE Running Spot! The sunset takes place across the Hudson River, behind the state of New Jersey. The sight is simply incredible. This running place can get a bit crowded, but the length is extensive and beautiful. It is also a good place to meet people or just enjoy your free time. It is an excerpt with a great view and a light breeze after the workout.

# 3 Top Running Places in New York:

East River Bikeway ... on the opposite side of Manhattan, this race point is a great option early in the morning with sunrise. It is also an active region on account of the financial district and Brooklin Bridge close by. This is a flat area and accommodates all levels of racing. You'll be inspired by the mix between the early morning race and the sporting mood.

# 4 Top Running Places in New York:

Upper East Side ... being in a hurry is nothing new in New York. If this is the case and you do not mind running between buildings, this is the perfect place for you in New York. The further east, the fewer people on the street will find. The good of this region is ease in improvisation, turn left, turn right, end up in Central Park and enjoy different vibes in a single race.

# 5 Top Running Places in New York:

Brooklyn Bridge ... the second most cliché place of every soul that runs in New York: Brooklyn Bridge. The race for the round-trip bridge should not exceed 3 miles (almost 5 km), and if you have extra gas, you can visit the DUMBO neighborhood in Brooklyn. This environment will surely present you with a different side of NYC. The circuit is made up of some ups and downs, signs and tourists on your way, but certainly worth it!

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